Dinner For Two

by Rampage The Misfit

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New track from my debut mixtape Birth of Tragedy called "Dinner For Two" with the homie jay smoove. No hook just back to back bars.


Verse 1: (Rampage The Misfit)

We out here eatin Smoove…..

Ayo, soon as the kick drops, the competition kicks rocks
But nobody in my lane, I bring the pain to niggas like Chris Rock.
When I’m blastin off, I’m aimin to rearrange a pig’s jaw.
Either that or getting brain from a dame who crave my dicksauce.
I’m not so far gone, but I’ve gone so far
You a oxy moron, a retard in a smart car.
I know my bars sound raw, but fuck all y’all!
I drop bombs if the law involved than I just call Saul.
I cook that crystal method, when I spit I’m like a livin legend
Bitches get impressed, spill they breasts when they in my presence.
Ch-ch-check it, niggas get distressed when I lift the weapons
Call the paramedics, get the stretcher when I dead the record.
You done smoked too much canibus thinkin you can handle this.
I went from a bastard kid, to disastrous as cancer is.
Attack the track in the back of the lab makin classic hits.
My fists accurate so it’s no accident you in the black abyss.

Verse 2: (Jay Smoove)

On the top of my game, motherfuckers couldn’t pop with the flame
Im stopping your fame while copping with an opulent aim
Mask obscenity, sir sirhan, ask a kennedy
My flask amenity, cigar smoke, masculinity
Hone the craft, spit the smoovest grooves to hit the phonograph
Chop a clone in half obi wan pop a drone and laugh
One for the money, none for the hoes
None for the honeys, none for the bros
Smack hoes give em a black rose, that’s how I mack those
While you pack prose in your shit, spitting your wack flows
Think the boss cares? I see the cost fair
While you're lost there in public enemy crosshairs
I'm on some other shit—highly glamorous
Poly-amorous, yeah I want another bitch
Life's a beer and a laugh. Off the syrup and on
I haven't coughed in a year and a half

Verse 3: (Rampage The Misfit)

Anybody testing my rage, or disrespecting the name
Will get buried to the neck until they head gets swept by the wave.
What can I say? my mental state a testament to the name
Rampage The Misfit the mothafuckin best in the game.
Born more than a man, I come from the lands of Nazareth
My pen immaculate, bars in Sanskrit back from the ashes,
raisin havoc on the page until they closing the casket,
Rather be shunned for days than a controlled slave to the masses.
Ask Mammyth who got the rarest sounds, the newest talk of the town
Got the key to the city now watch how I lock it down.
You the type to talk foul in front of crowds,
'till chalk gets drawn around your pro-file.
This pro-cess is never pro-found.
Bitch I said it one time and this is the last, I’m Liam Neeson
Give me a reason I got uppercuts for that ass.
Rappers can’t compete, if you not my dog you a fuckin flee,
Leave you dead in a busy street, I hear misery loves company.

Verse 4: (Jay Smoove)

pour my drink let it flow clean,
they call me shot glasses call me moe green (x2)

whats the dilemma? bury me on the throne with the crown.
all alone in the ground in a cemetery, free, boning around.
pay me now, ima die the best, on top of shit
until they lay me down, opposite the sky to rest
im phil spector swilling chilled nector, in the mil sector
riding round like I just killed hector
ya mans trucing, plans turn you translucent with my hands deucing
the bands on your grands loosen off
the red red wines making head head lines
and it don’t stop like I never read red signs
Fuck with smoove and you get smacked to the red
Im taking lunches college rappers taking punches to the back of the head
You get a verbal slappin, for talking out of where your gerbils trapped in
Im tryna stack up what the herbals wrapped in. Jay Smoove.


released 05 April 2014
Song produced by Cooper Albert and mixed/recorded by Mammyth.



all rights reserved


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