Birth of Tragedy

by Rampage The Misfit

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This project has been brewing in my mind for years waiting for the world to hear but due to studio, financial, and personal problems it took a backseat while I got my life in order. Now I'm proud to release my debut mixtape "Birth of Tragedy" for the world to hear. The production comes from some of my favorite producers including DJ Premier, The Alchemist and Stoupe the Enemy of Mankind who influenced me to start rapping in the first place. Although I consider this my life's work up to this point, I know this is just the beginning of my artistic journey and I thank everyone who has been with me on this crazy ride.

- Rampage The Misfit


released May 30, 2014



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Rampage The Misfit Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Young MC from the Mil I go by the name of Rampage The Misfit, half animal half vicious, the immaculate son. Lyrics are my specialty and I'm serving the rap game the highest quality. My debut mixtape "Birth of Tragedy" is coming soon, look for the download. ... more

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Track Name: Immaculate Son
[Verse 1]

Sick since birth I’m livin like a miscarriage
An unfixed infant who itchin to split like a shit marriage
Contact full on—you act passive aggressive
You in the presence of Allah, wipe my palms after I smite your jaw
With the same hand that write these songs
Money talks, you can’t interpret the script I translate it
I close your casket with the captions to you it’s a foreign language
Birth of tragedy, a calamity of my definition
I body 16’s somebody bring a mortician
I spit at the critic that say I need more bangas
Do me a favor stab yourself wit a wire hanga
I raise hell while fans raisin they hands
Take it back to wen MC’s rocked rhymes not tight pants
I keep dwelling in the past thinking the future look horribly morbid
Because these cats can't catch my verses, let alone the chorus
They trying to put me in they small frame like a fucking family portrait
But that would be a tight fit like a fat bitch in a corset
You don’t’ wanna suffer trauma under the suicide bomba'
I'll leave you bleeding internally
Open you up like a nervous teen in surgery
I’ll let the wound heal then come back the next week
Then put this in your larynx so I’m all that you speak
And when I say you weak I mean you can’t compete with wet cardboard
But I’ll have your wife leaking in the back of my Honda accord
Pull out a camcorder I prefer hardcore
Bad manners, jackhammer shit, slam her car door
Plaster the massive dick in her armor
Then I flip the script like we in parkour
Cuz this game is gymnastics—
This is just training and practice
Came from nothing but a blank canvas
Put all I had into crafting it—
Mixing it and mastering it
Took my broken pieces and made masterpiece

Meet the misfit, bag full of tricks and some Riddalin
Hypochondriac so I spit sick and leave no witnesses
Deranged in the brain it’s a gift and curse
My shit bang, like the big bang cross the universe

[Verse 2]

Call me a lost kid sold my soul in an auction
Fucking up shit and blunt hits my primary function
But i no longer hide behind a disguise
Planning my demise while puffing lye
Right after I make these fucking worlds collide
It's the first track in and I’m blessing it
A force to be reckoned wit
I’m the worst mothafucka' to be mentionin'
A depressed teen, 18, with all these expectations
Who's mentally sick, never giving a shit, I’m aggravated
I used to take the hits, now I lash out all my hatred
And if you ain’t feeling that I give myself a hand, masturbation
So ask me where my heart is, the answer’s that I’m heartless
But I'm tired of falling in this darkness with no signs or options
I live lawless, the product of a failed abortion
I’ll stab you wit a swordfish for spitting garbage
You not hard, you claim you popping but really make pop hits
I leave you bleeding in the spirit of rapper season
God never answered my prayers so I made friends with demons
I’m sick of loading ammunition into these compositions
So all you nitwits who hating my favorite game Russian roulette
I got two techs down your neck to blow out your last breath
Give you the present of death and leave you past tense
Track Name: Trail of Tears
Just a little nigga from the mil'
Where it all started

[Verse 1]
12/09/93 7:54, a legend was born
From that day forward
I knew I was destined for more
But I grew up a fucking screw up
Getting punched 'till I threw up my school lunch
Then one day I met a cool slut, who let me have a boob touch
I guess I haven’t changed my ways, (nope)
I guess I’m still the same deranged patient that doctors "claim" is so insane
So I cut off a couple heads and use a coffin for a bed
Does it mean I completely lost it or is it all for atten-tion?
And riddle me this doc, if I hit you with six shots
Will ya time be up? check your wrist watch. (Tick, Tock)
I used to be scared of death, since then we’ve become best friends
And if u haven’t met yet I’ll give you an introduction
Since genesis I been a fearless kid
Don’t confuse me with a pessimist I’m a realist slash atheist
I've been rocking chains since the days of the slave ships
Throwing grenades at those who say that I changed or don’t make sense

[Hook x2]
It’s the trail of tears I been traveling on for years
With sadness and madness mixed wit all your fears
From the ink on the page to my voice on the beat
You stay running your mouth ima keep running the streets

[Verse 2]
I been spitting that dope shit
With more lines than a cokehead
I get high all day,and get low fades
With hoes that go both ways
Y’all looking like fags, I got a Deniro face
And if u talk about swag I’ll turn you D.O.A
I swear I can let out a rhyme for like three whole days
And when I say I will bury you, I mean I will leave no trace
So if you talking reckless b, stop that
Fall back, spit hard rap
From slums where sons get mauled flat for they ball cap
If you need inspiration you came to the wrong place
Keep banana clips by my waist because my click be all apes
I’m killing all of you that hated, said it was impossible
I Came from the pavement while staying a true nigga to the molecule
I’m a lost soldier on the pursuit of happiness
A savage with a mac-10 for all the happy kids and pacifists
So ima light one up until my regrets burn slow
Next I’m coming for the whole world, don’t take it personal

[Hook x2]
Track Name: Daydream
[Movie Sample]
"I learned something from these two men. I learned to give love and get love unconditionally
You just have to accept people for what they are. And I learned the greatest gift of all
The saddest thing in life is wasted talent."

[Verse 1]
Dear diary your presence is felt
You inspire me to write about these demons inside of me
And express violence, but really that's an expression of self
It’s me dealing wit the cards I was dealt
Nobody believe in me, I’m not sure I believe in myself
Got all this pain in my veins, so when the fat lady sang I hope she sound like Adele
You got a problem with me or my team I’ll see you in Hell
Where the demons dwell, on your knees screaming for help
I've been slipping through the mud
Thinking about death because I’m not living it up
Giving my all but it’s neva enough
Most niggas in my position are driven to fuck up, I seen it
Most sluts get knocked up before they're sixteen and because they beliefs they keep it
And shatter their dreams before they even conceive it
R.I.P. to Christopher Rios and Pac, you not here but your spirit alive
So I’m on the rise like my life's compromised
You talking crime, stop it 5
I’m dropping bombs and ending the world like the mayan’s prophesized

[Hook x2]
It’s like I’m living in a day dream
That’s why I keep my diary closer then my enemies (never pretend)
I’m just trying to be what I was destined to be
And steadily shine until I die, I hope y’all remember me

[Verse 2]

It was all a dream,I used to hide Playboy magazines
Caught in my misery, and now I’m making history
Using my mind like Einstein
Trying to find time to connect my rhymes like Wi-Fi
I can’t sleep in the nighttime
Because these daydreams make me crazy
And praying to a damn god is NOT gonna save me
Insomniac, never awake, never asleep
When I blow trees I smoke half, it’s like me, incomplete
Trying to rise from the quicksand, from the land of broken promises
Hearts cut open and the thrown with the rest of bones in my closet
To die and sleep perchance to dream, of Shakespearian dramas
My heart weeps, surgeons couldn’t cover the scars from karma
Caught up in the cold world full of lost souls with no shot of return
So call me absurd and I’ll respond wit the bird
Because honestly i’m not that concerned with this that and the third
Respect is earned so after this shit tell me what I deserve

[Hook x4]
Track Name: Bad Influence
A lot of people say I'm a bad influence, you know what I say?
Fuck an influence, I’m under the influence bitch!

[Verse 1]
When it come to the fam' I’m the older brother
My pops yelling be a man!, I’m yelling back you should've wore a rubber
Now I’m arrogant taking the most profane music and blaring it
Until you find out it’s my CD, now when you see me you get scared and shit
So listen up, I know you probably think I'm fucked up because I cuss
Do drugs, run up in sluts, and have a fuck love mindset
Bitch I’m tired, so don’t say someday you’ll find it
You lying, because the last time I tried it
I made this bitch cry. She wanted a honest guy
So I tore off my skull and gave her a piece of my mind
Now I’m in a padded room, supposedly for my attitude
They tried putting a straight jacket on me, that wasn’t right
I’m like doc I haven’t been gay a single day of my life!
I dare any man stand up to me, you’ll get paralyzed from the waist down
And while your at it, here’s some paint to cover your ugly ass face, clown
I bet you have nothing to say now, like Poppa Doc in "8 mile"
You like planking? I’ll make sure at your wake you in the coffin laying face down

They said rap music was a bad influence
Now I’m pistol whipping kids to it
Feeling no remorse at all
I write my name in blood on the wall
And flip off cops because it’s still fuck the law
I’m waiting with guns drawn so you clapped up faster than applause

[Verse 2]
Yesterday I went into confession, confessing my sins wit laughter
Until the pastor kicked me out and told me, "never come back u bastard!"
What? Is it a hateful sin To say that I’m one of Satan's kids?
Or will y’all get pissed and call me a devil worshipper when I’m an atheist?
Do y’all even know what the difference is?
Everybody got opinions and if u don't listen in I don’t give a shit
Because I see outside of the fake world the that u living in
I slit my wrists until it drip, drip with blood pouring on the floor and
Then mix it in with my coke addiction and up and snort it
My minds gone, going off like a fucking time bomb
On any and every beat you find I’ll bust a rhyme on
I’m ahead of you niggas like we livin in different time zones
I would tell you watch my throne, but that'd be another thing for you to dick ride on
Call that pulling the rabbit out of the hat
You call me a joke I be laughing at that
I’m killing you cats and what u call that?
Curiosity? I got an answer for that
You new rappers thinking you fly with your snapback caps
Fall back before you get smacked up like Rihanna
And shot at like a model but you ain’t getting called back


[Movie Sample]

"When a person is insane, as you clearly are. Do you know that you're insane?
Maybe you're just sitting around, reading Guns & Ammo, masturbating in your own feces
Do you just stop and go, wow! it is amazing how fucking crazy I really am?"
Track Name: Dinner for Two (feat. Jay Smoove)
[Verse 1: Rampage The Misfit]

We out here eatin Smoove…..

Ayo, soon as the kick drops, the competition kicks rocks
But nobody in my lane, I bring the pain to niggas like Chris Rock
When I’m blastin off, I’m aimin to rearrange a pig’s jaw
Either that or getting brain from a dame who crave my dicksauce
I’m not so far gone, but I’ve gone so far
You a oxy moron, a retard in a smart car
I know my bars sound raw, but fuck all y’all!
I drop bombs if the law involved than I just call Saul
I cook that crystal method, when I spit I’m like a livin legend
Bitches get impressed, spill they breasts when they in my presence
Ch-ch-check it, niggas get distressed when I lift the weapons
Call the paramedics, get the stretcher when I dead the record
You done smoked too much canibus thinkin you can handle this
I went from a bastard kid, to disastrous as cancer is
Attack the track in the back of the lab makin classic hits
My fists accurate so it’s no accident you in the black abyss

[Verse 2: Jay Smoove]

On the top of my game, motherfuckers couldn’t pop with the flame
Im stopping your fame while copping with an opulent aim
Mask obscenity, sir sirhan, ask a kennedy
My flask amenity, cigar smoke, masculinity
Hone the craft, spit the smoovest grooves to hit the phonograph
Chop a clone in half obi wan pop a drone and laugh
One for the money, none for the hoes
None for the honeys, none for the bros
Smack hoes give em a black rose, that’s how I mack those
While you pack prose in your shit, spitting your wack flows
Think the boss cares? I see the cost fair
While you're lost there in public enemy crosshairs
I'm on some other shit—highly glamorous
Poly-amorous, yeah I want another bitch
Life's a beer and a laugh. Off the syrup and on
I haven't coughed in a year and a half

[Verse 3: Rampage The Misfit]

Anybody testing my rage, or disrespecting the name
Will get buried to the neck until they head gets swept by the wave
What can I say? my mental state a testament to the name
Rampage The Misfit the mothafuckin best in the game
Born more than a man, I come from the lands of Nazareth
My pen immaculate, bars in Sanskrit back from the ashes
Raisin havoc on the page until they closing the casket
Rather be shunned for days than a controlled slave to the masses
Ask Mammyth who got the rarest sounds, the newest talk of the town
Got the key to the city now watch how I lock it down
You the type to talk foul in front of crowds
'till chalk gets drawn around your pro-file
This pro-cess is never pro-found
Bitch I said it one time and this is the last, I’m Liam Neeson
Give me a reason I got uppercuts for that ass
Rappers can’t compete, if you not my dog you a fuckin flee
Leave you dead in a busy street, I hear misery loves company

[Verse 4: Jay Smoove]

Pour my drink let it flow clean
They call me shot glasses call me moe green (x2)

Whats the dilemma? bury me on the throne with the crown
All alone in the ground in a cemetery, free, boning around
Pay me now, ima die the best, on top of shit
Until they lay me down, opposite the sky to rest
Im phil spector swilling chilled nector, in the mil sector
Riding round like I just killed hector
Ya mans trucing, plans turn you translucent with my hands deucing
The bands on your grands loosen off
The red red wines making head head lines
And it don’t stop like I never read red signs
Fuck with smoove and you get smacked to the red
Im taking lunches college rappers taking punches to the back of the head
You get a verbal slappin, for talking out of where your gerbils trapped in
Im tryna stack up what the herbals wrapped in. Jay Smoove
Track Name: The Lone Ranger
[Verse 1]

The lone ranger at the bodega, attack you with a cloak and dagger
Prey on your prayers, while you in the closet like a coat hanger
I’m serving these haters but I am no waiter
You say I’m mad in the head I’m supplying the anger
And I talk about death, because we are no strangers
I got a contract with the devil signed wit blood on the paper
Turned into ashes popping off candy rappers now and later
Have u breathing heavier then an asthmatic Darth Vada
Born in the boom bap
In the darkside there’s no chance of turning back
That’s like saying I don’t spit crack or there’s no cursing in rap
I’ll use your body for target practice, all army tactics
Then dismember your crew and stick em all in my mattress
Now who u who sleeping on
I got freak bitches like Nia Long showing thong
Who suck me off while the TV on
I stay guarded by castle walls since the days of Babylon
You act out your wealth stunting, I'll smack your mouth like Paquao for nothing
From the park bench, to becoming a myth like Lochness
I stay rooted in darkness with the tools of a locksmith
On my conquest, to the top of the rosters
U imposters act friendly but really envy my saga. The lone ranger. (He's back)

[Hook x2]
The lone ranger's back in town, I'm never backing down
I don’t ask questions I just blast it out
You feeling lucky? better reconsider
My trigger finger neva misses
Steal your Mrs., than I'll leave you fishing in the river

[Verse 2]

Step to the slaughterhouse, where it get nasty like raw meat
I turn rappers to vegans after me they don’t want beef
Serving revenge for you to eat, Miami boy because I stay with the heat
You had your mouth on the curb, but never tasted the street
Fucking wit my team and you’ll be resting in pieces
So stop fronting that mean image, your mom tells me u need Jesus
So your street dreams is a joke, hate me but you need me like a stream to a boat
I’ll leave you drowning undersea with no hope
I spit battle raps that cut under your skin like massive axes
I’m fucking the world off it’s axis until it falls into the blackness
Believe me this town ain’t big enough for the both of us
(But I can hold mics too)
Bitch you couldn’t even hold my nuts
I’ll put the Colt 45 to your head give you a fresh cut, have you spitting out wet guts
Then roast you over a fire like a chestnut
My squadron will get you caught up with a fistful of dollars
It’ll take a nation of millions to stop us but I’m still going out swinging regardless
You can’t weight me down I’m the underdog, heavyweight
Blowing pounds, round for round I’ll have your eyes shut make you meditate
Getting no love, besos or denero I have you killed for three pesos
The flow be ova your head like halos now you dead


[Movie Sample]
"Any man don't want to get killed, better clear on out the back"
Track Name: Born 2 Be Different
[Hook: SamAnnotateple of "Burning Bright" by Shine Down]
I feel like there is no need for, conversation
I wonder if the things I did were just, to be different
I would rather reveal myself than my, situation
I wonder if the things I did were just, to be different

[Verse 1]
They said I walk around with a chip on my shoulda'
No composa', like my girl slipped into a coma
Look into my eyes you’ll see a nigga barely soba
Reality sets in now emotions carryin' ova
I live in the crossroads of comedy and tragedy
At times I lost hope, now I’m drownin' in insanity
I keep trying to get up, but fall because of gravity
I hide my scars behind these bars and they so unflattering
But I’m real wit myself, u want proof of what I'm talking 'bout
'Bout how I spent my youth just trying to make my mama proud
But its never good enough I was never perfect shit
These walls that I’m putting up hide all my nervousness
Now I’m rewordin' it in terms y’all could relate to
Always have faith in myself yet I’m so unfaithful
So wen them haters talk down I’ve learned not to listen
'Cuz no matter what they say I ain’t ashamed I was born different


[Verse 2]
Y’all hungry for a piece of mind?
I’ll give you a piece of mine (listen)
While evenly beastin' that’s right I beat the odds
I'm a misfit, who's not ashamed to scream it loud
Started out a decent child
Now I got em thinking how...could he
Just throw his life all away
And take off like a rich man’s holiday
See I ain’t looking for a sign of praise
I’d rather play video games with my bros to feel at home when I'm away
Or tell my girl that I love her to death
So 'till my last breath I’ll always keep you in my heart
And nobody can change the fact my persona strange
But I’m just taking my life and making it art
So while I might seem hard on myself
There’s a part of myself that just wanna die
And I’d rather live with that fact then live in a lie
So I’ll just take my box of Newports to slowly blow the pain out
I knew I was different since the day that I fuckin' came out


[Verse 3]
You wanna ride wit a nigga I’m in the eye of the storm
Yolo don’t apply to a nigga 'cuz like a phoenix I am reborn
Came from the denominator seeing danger out my peripherals
One bullet in the chamber, spin it, no more pain than came the reciprocal
Image of my baby brother's face made me break down
Left me speechless no words could even explain how
I would never leave you by yourself
'Cuz the future bumpier den my old complexion
Just to clear it up, I'm always here to help
That’s why I rap mad hungry like Dr lector
In Sunday school they never answered my questions
Next semester, protesting became my profession
I spit affliction that’s non-fiction, proud I was born different
You should be 2 don’t try to fit in it’s cool to be true don’t forget it
Just think how the losers end up winning
Like right now I’m cooking up hits like moms in the kitchen
So eat up them quesadillas, open them books and read up
And watch how I bring to life everything that I used to dream of

The great poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote
"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"
That quote always resonated in me'cuz my whole life I been discriminated against for being different
But that's how I was born
I'm not a leader I'm not a follower I'm a rebel with my own cause
I never gave a fuck about expectations or what people feel is right for me
'Cuz at the end of the day this the life the chose me
And I just talk about it most people just stay silent
I can't 'cuz when I die people'll remember me for what I was
Track Name: Rugged & Raw
[Verse 1]

You want to take shots of alcohol?
I’ll send straight shots to your upper jaw
And fuck you up raw like sex wit no condom on
In school I never got along wit my peers
I was too busy hollering at soccer moms in the parking lot outside sears
Oh my! Lets take some time to rewind the clock
Before these fake felines were all over my (moan)
I’m talking Halloween in second grade
I cut off my neighbors leg, with a razor blade
That everyone thought was fake
Trick or treat was never meant for me
Because I’m ill mentally, with lyrics especially
Obsessed wit the kill murder weapons are my accessories
Chopping limbs off pedestrians, just for looking at me
I kill shit naturally, I turn active soldiers to missing in action
I’ll drain the piss out your bladder, make you ashamed to be a rapper
I'll help u find another passion, just to shit on that one
Now beat that. No Mike Jack, no career and no deal
You went from street cat to street rat
And now you just road kill


[Verse 2]

Who got skills, that could destroy and rebuild
Entire regions? I'm fire breathing MC's who claim to be real
I grip the mic like I grip the steel
Like my life depends on it
Put a niggas death on it, I got a license to kill
You the type to bring a candle to a flamethrower fight
I’m the type that’ll take your shine and turn off the lights
YoU say you committing crimes and never lose in a fight
But when its time to ride wit your niggas you nowhere in sight
I see it in your eyes you be fucking with the blue and whites
I hope it was worth the price, I hope you made peace with God on your final night
Lay you on your deathbed wit a mac 10 and shotty
Bullets ringing through your intestines midsection and reshaping your body
Until you deformed beyond recognition, and see these demons within me
I don’t need an exorcism or a second opinion
I just need some prescriptions, blast the doc if he don’t fill it in
And kill any witnesses, I let them know who the illest is! Bitch

Track Name: Fast Life

[Verse 1]
Having good dreams about bad women
Willing to do anything all for some attention
And I just met her, but we go way back
Eyes of a angel that she hide beyond those raybans
So let’s face facts, life move fast and I want you in it
Why don’t you take a chance? Or else you might miss it
I know you say you don’t fuck with niggas because they all the same
I know your last man played the scrimmage, I took them out the game
Now I’m on the road to fame, never cruising slow
If life is a bitch, then yours is beautiful
But somehow, she still not convinced
Because she got so many friends that are no longer here
She’d rather run away and stray from the rest
I say that ain’t living baby that place only lead to regret
So she ask me to weigh all her options out
I know you afraid of the stage
But take a shot of me to the brain and come let all your problems out


[Verse 2]

My best friend Bruno went to the marines he been gone awhile
He met the chick of his dreams and he bout to be a father now
The thought is crazy he about to have twin babies
While my other nigga Juanito got shipped out to the navy
As for my brother AV he about to split in a couple months
Dream chasing outside the state for him I’ll smoke 100 blunts
All of my friends building they future by means of escape
It’s easy to see the loser he's making a stupid mixtape
Some nights I can't sleep so I'm dreaming of death
My inner demons hidden beneath the weed and jim beam on my breath
Sinking in debt, spilling sweat for this petty check got bills to my neck
With the inkpen the Mil feel I'm as real as it gets
So don't confuse crazy with passionate
I’m about to blast the fifth and end all the sacrilege
I come from Hell’s kitchen spitting because I’m ravenous
This life is fast as shit I knew that since the beginning
Still a young misfit the only difference is now I'm dealing with grown decisions

Track Name: Revelations/Mind Travel
[Verse 1]

I used to try and conform for acceptance
Then I broke free from the norm and put it all in a sentence
Desperate for answers I overlooked the questions
Feeling senseless a kid with manic depression
So distant, self confidence non-existent
Void in my soul I looked for something to fill it
No desire for living so I took a track and just killed
I wear my heart on my pistol which means I'll never conceal it
It’s getting harder to breathe and shit behind this mask
And harder to live peacefully with a spineless dad
Fuck all the times we had, you always came to me pissed off
Which makes sense seeing all that you do is just shit talk
About how you fucking hate me and I never used to say shit
But today I see perfectly clear no lasik
My future rewritten because my life at stake at every minute
Now I’m convinced that it wasn’t shit to begin with
I’m sorry mama I know I only proved you right
About how eventually I’ll just end up ruining my life
I wish things could've been different but it’s just too late now
I’m saying my last goodbyes don’t cry it’s my time to be laid down


Tell all my siblings I’m sorry I should've been a better brother
Wipe the tears out mama’s eyes and take good care of her
And tell all of my tios that they made me a grown man
And not to blame the fam for my actions that’s just who I am
Nobody understands it's something that I have to do
I'm not looking for compassion I just hope I gave y’all a laugh or two
Some call my aggression a symptom of my repression
Or call me a sick kid and call this my cry for attention
I call it a second chance to start from scratch
Having regrets about who I am and not able to live the facts
The doctor saying I should look forward instead of back at the past
But my pineal gland implanting visions of how I’m living is bad
So I’m loading the clip hoping to get some beautiful bliss. (damn)
I can’t believe I’m going thru with this shit
It’s a sickness, having the mind a misfit
Now its no pain or love, ima just taste the gun
Ima just die young like all the thugs do
Make sure u give my shorty kisses and hugs too
Because I love you and that’s the truth
Don’t worry when I come back through
Things will be better and It’ll just be me and you forever. (gunshot)



[Verse 1]

Travel on the highways of my mind
To see the secret societies that’s lived throughout time
If you don’t see them you blind
I can't overstand your weak thought process
It’s true I blow trees but I think shit you can’t comprehend
Play the beat I lock it in, make it official
Talk shit I’ll knock your kin, speak the language of my pistol
Red dot aimed at your forehead have you looking like a Hindu
Your God is non-existent so nobody will miss you
Ima heathen that’ll hustle you for breathing
The immaculate bastard, killing rappers it’s the season
Freshmen lists and number one hits don’t mean shit
I remember my teachers telling me I ain’t gon be shit, parents in agreement
Ima bad influence on the youth kids, But the truth is
I don’t do this for you bitch so say my music is a nuisance
I say its art, decapitation is fascinating
So believe me when I say this: my words are razor sharp
I stay in the land of the tyrants, settin flame to the environment
Until you kno my name, and address me as your highness
I’ll cut out your fucking iris have you seeing reality
That fighter mentality will speak to you solemnly
What a tragedy that so many casualties come from my battling
You try and kombat my family and I’ll finish you fatality
Don’t step to this demented kid
Or you’ll be in need of a vest and shit
You’ll get no love like dj’s in the club that let the record skip
So for now I’m fucking lesbians
Having sex wit 10’s again
Kissing her she kiss her friend
Some wrestling we gets it in
I’m the perverted wordsmith
With a dirty mind that gets worse wit time
I’ll take your rhyme and reword it
To sound like bible verses. (Revelations)
Thou shalt not step to me
I’ll inject you wit a dose of lethal reckoning
For its the God of rap appropriately titled
Choose any other God or idol and I’ll turn you suicidal
You lived a long life and I’ll show you the end of your cycle
You’ll die under the hands of Rampage the motherfucking psycho


[Verse 2]

Always been part of the minority
Disrespecting authority
The cause of terror in the modern era
Of storytelling orally
Deep meaning and realness my only currency
I’m here to tell washed up authorities
You boring me. useless like old warranties
Writing wit the pen until I wear it, only thing I cared about
Because I was socially unaware of my whereabouts
I was stuck living in my parents house
Until they kicked me out for popping off at the mouth
My bags was packed before they made a sound
Sick of what simon say
That sticky haze just ease my mind
When I rhyme it help’s me concentrate
Like I’m in a alternate reality in my zone
Nietzsche and string theories
Inhaling the smoke of Henry David Thearou
You know how it goes exclusive neighborhoods keeping us the most segregated
My homie drove to the wrong one when the bullets penetrated
It’s easy feeling lonely but harder to trust
When our own country run by the rich and corrupt
Fucking disgrace, the high prison rate
Mainly blacks and Latins because the pigs discriminate
They could shoot me in my own place and probably get a raise
Nobody safe, even the children get no wages for high profits
Discrimination alive from Clifton walker to Trayvon Martin
The war just starting flip off the government watch
Use your brain kids don’t let Fox stations
Keep you brainwashed tune out of the box
The concept is so basic but the world is so flagrant
Slavery never died it’s just reincarnated
That’s why I spend my days awake neva sober
Brain unstable doctors saying I’m fatal but I’m a soldier
Never run, you know what fuck it this coma is done